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露出系魔法女子大生クリスティア, Roshutsu-kei Mahou Joshidaisei Christhea

#1. 変身魔法は公開露出!? 魔法女子大生クリスティア爆誕!! / Henshin Mahou Ha Koukai Roshutsu !? Mahou Joshidaisei Kurisuthia !! / Transformation magic is exposed to the public!?

Touka Mizumori, a female college student attending a university in Tokyo.
She has a style that puts a model to shame and a beauty that everyone turns around, but she was a hardcore loner who was not good at socializing.
A local childhood friend, Kokou, appears in front of her.
Kokoro has become a magical girl.
And she invites Touka to become a magical girl.
However, Touka immediately refused her.
“Because I’m a university student…!?”
In vain, despite her refusal, Touka reluctantly accepts Kokoro’s offer to become a “Magical College Student”.
When she transforms, she becomes a naked and exposed person, and when she goes around the city, she is called a slut, and at the end of the day, she is attacked by an enemy monster.
Which way will tomorrow be for the rookie magical college student Christia!?
Magical woman is already old!
It’s the arrival of the era of magical female college students who are full of sex appeal with erotic chubby buddies!!

Roshutsu-kei Mahou Joshi Daisei Christhea, Episode 1 Spanish Subbed

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