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ゴブリンの巣穴 / Goblin no Suana

#2. 魔女見習い ジェイダ / Majo Minarai Jyeida

Goblin no Suana, Episode 2 PV

Jada, an apprentice witch, visits a peaceful village. In this tranquil countryside where small troubles and small joys repeat themselves, a terrifying horde of goblins suddenly attacks.
“This wasn’t supposed to happen…!”
Despite being a witch, Jada is still an apprentice and quickly gets captured by the goblins, abandoning her trusted magic book. She has no way of escaping and can only cry out in despair as her small body is violated by the mutated goblins with huge bodies.
She becomes pregnant and gives birth, but it doesn’t end there. Jada continues to be violated by the goblins every day, her mind reaching its limit in no time.
Eventually, Jada will know the joy of being a mother…
The apprentice witch who cannot use magic stands still. Her small body is penetrated by the huge “thing” of the goblins. Her heart, filled with despair, will eventually turn into the joy of being a mother.

Goblin no Suana, Episode 2 English Subbed

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